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Informational and Educational Media Products

An overview of books, mini e-books, audiotapes/CDs, video DVDs, research white papers, and e-newsletters in various realms related to my work.

Audio and Video Media

Beneficial Microbes in Farming and Gardening
at the Weston A. Price Foundation's (WAPF) Eighth Annual Wise Traditions Conference (2007)
Audio recording, available on CD format and MP3 download.

An audio recording of a lecture presented by Vinny Pinto at the Eighth Annual Wise Traditions Conference, held in Chantilly, VA from November 9 - 11, 2007. Weston A. Price Foundation is selling an audio recording of Vinny's presentation, available on CD and MP3 download, numbered as audio recording #6223 - WISE 07. Click here to go to Weston A. Price Foundation's offsite ordering page at

June 2, 2007 - Live Alchemy Teleconference - Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (SAM), Ormus and Subtle Energies focusing on Human Health and Nutrition
I was invited by the Live Alchemy University to present a lecture on syntropic antioxidative microbes (and particularly what I reference as SAM Type 4 microbial consortia, which includes EM and related consortia) and ormus/subtle energies, magnetite effect ormus (MEOW) technologies and related ormus/subtle energy topics, particularly as related to human health and human nutrition.  The monthly Live Alchemy international teleconference lecture series has been in existence for over two years now, and attracts as listeners and participants hundreds of the most prominent researchers in the fields of alchemy, ormus and subtle energies from across the world. A primary purpose of the lecture series is to raise funds to help to support the tireless work of Barry Carter in spreading the word about ormus and subtle energies, particularly in terms of human health, nutrition and consciousness, as well as to support his ongoing work with his free informational websites and list groups on ormus. The Live Alchemy University monthly teleconference call series is sponsored and organized by Denis, an alchemy and ormus researcher in Queensland, Australia.

My presentation, which lasted approximately 2.5 hours may be found in a private online audio repository of past seminars given on the Live Alchemy University along with numerous other presentations. There is a donation/fee involved to gain access to the library; to learn more about how to access these files, or to be able to hear upcoming lectures in this Live Alchemy series, please contact Denis in Australia, aka Denis of Oz, who is the organizer of the Live Alchemy University calls, at or Barry Carter at

SAM (including EM type microbial consortia) in Agriculture (and Health) Seminar, April 2, 2005 Shepherdstown, WV
Available on DVD only, US video format only.

Contains 3 hours of my lecture on SAM-type microbes in agriculture and related fields.

Beneficial Microbes in Agriculture, at Acres USA 2005 Conference
Audio recording, available in cassette tape and CD format.

A lecture co-presented by Vinny Pinto and Matthew Wood at the 2005 Acres USA Annual Conference.

Books, Mini E-books, White Papers and E-Newsletters

Fermentation with Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes
Publication and sales
of all forms of this book were discontinued as of early 2010.

SAMT4 Beneficial Microbes: Applications in Agriculture: Volume I, Elementary Applications, 1st edition. (Book was also published under several minor variants of this name, including EM Beneficial Microbes Applications in Agriculture: Volume I, Elementary Applications.
Publication and sales of all forms of this book were discontinued by late 2009.

EM Advanced Topics Newsletter 
Discontinued after publication of first triple-issue.

Steps to Greater Health and Vitality -- a mini e-book

Observations on Sungazing -- a Mini E-book

Journal Article: In the early 1980s, I authored a brief one-page invited article on esoteric healing devices which employed electrical sparks, corona discharges or plasma discharges for a (since discontinued) journal called Technology Tomorrow published by the World Future Society. The article was published in the April 1981 issue of the journal, and attracted quite a bit of attention at the time; I received phone calls and letters via postal mail (the web as we know it was not yet really in existence, and thus there were no emails...!) from all over the world as a result of this article. About one-half of the letters were from rather psychotic and delusional persons, while the other half were from serious researchers, some of whom became valued colleagues over the ensuing years. I have posted the article, along with some of my notes about it, to a dedicated page on my website (click here).

White Paper:
A Critical and Realistic Look at the Skin Antioxidant Scanners Being Used by some Practitioners and MLM Marketers of Antioxidants. #SCAN-1
No longer available.

White Paper: A Look at the Very Lightweight Hydrogen Antioxidants, Including Common Questions and Answers. #HYDA-1
No longer available.

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