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Steps to Greater Health and Vitality -- a mini e-book

The publication of this mini e-book has been delayed and postponed repeatedly, due to guidance from Holy Spirit about new material to be added, and also revisions to the content of some already-completed sections. I offer my apologies for the delay in releasing this ebook! And, due to the delays, I am not accepting any further pre-publication orders for this book at this time! (this note was last updated on February 16, 2010.)

For the past few years, several of my colleagues (fellow consultants, etc.) and consulting clients in the raw foods and Paleo diet worlds, in the spiritual healing world, along with a friend who markets books and videos on healing and healers, have long bugged me to create a mini-guide called something like "Steps to Greater Health and Vitality", which would offer basic guidance and steps -- in the non-fanatical, non-fundamentalist, non-zealot and non-missionary way for which I am famous -- on possible ways to reach greater levels of health, well-being and vitality, including greater inner spiritual peace and centeredness. This mini ebook was designed for folks who want my unique (and very non-fundamentalist, non-fanatical, non-missionary) view and approach on such matters, a view which bridges many fields, including diet and nutrition, antioxidant nutrition, raw live-food form probiotic antioxidant brews fermented with syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), raw food diets, partly-raw Paleo diets, sungazing, emotional self-management, opening the heart, spiritual growth, spiritual surrender and spiritual healing.  In fact, several healer colleagues have recommended that I ask most prospective clients who approach me for spiritual healing to procure the book first before asking me for a healing, so that they may be empowered to take some basic simple steps on their own toward greater vitality and freedom on all levels (I have, so far, declined to take that particular step for the majority of prospective clients!...)

So, this book is all about offering the reader possibilities, to empower them further. It is not about strict rules, it is not about dire predictions warning that if you do not eat the way I recommend, or follow the lifestyle I recommend, or follow some religion that I recommend, then you are doomed.  No, quite the opposite -- there are a million different ways to live healthfully, there are a million different ways to heal, and a million different ways to reach a state of greater vitality. There are also a million different ways to get closer to knowing God/Holy Spirit/Source, and to fine inner peace, and I am under no delusion that I have found the only means to do so. So, this mini e-book is not a bible, but rather a reference guide offering you some options with which you may wish to play.  In it, I simply offer possibilities for greater freedom, based upon my unique background and my extensive experience and research across a number of fields.

Much of the information in this mini e-book will be material which I share briefly at times, as appropriate, with my spiritual healing clients (in my free healing work) and more deeply with my paid consulting clients in the realms of raw food diets, Paleo diets, alternative health, nutritional antioxidants, mineral nutrition, SAM-fermented antioxidant nutritional brews and human health, and other health/vitality related fields as well.

Here is a more complete description of the mini e-book document:

My background: I am a degreed scientist, with a graduate degree in the health sciences, a spiritual healer, a long-term mystic and spiritual student. I have also been a sungazer since the late 1980s.  I am a researcher in the fields of antioxidant nutrition and antioxidant nutritional supplement brews (and other products) fermented with syntropic antioxidant microbes. I have trained at the graduate level in psychotherapy and acupuncture, and have also trained in the past in several energy healing traditions.  I network regularly with a wide range of alternative health practitioners and researchers, with colleagues who are nutritional product researchers and developers, and with energy healers, spiritual healers and intuitives.  I provide consulting and/or coaching services for many for these people as well.  I also have provided consulting for a number of  companies which produce and market ormus products and ormus-like products, and for numerous producers and formulators of nutritional supplement products.

This copyrighted e-document is offered in PDF file format containing both basic and advanced information, including my own guidelines, recommendations and hints for how to reach greater levels of vitality and freedom in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.  Content goes beyond what I have offered on my free educational websites and on my e-mail list groups.

The price for the mini-ebook is $18 US dollars. However, due to several delays in publication date, I am not accepting any further pre-publication orders for this book at this time! (this note was last updated on February 16, 2010.). When the mini e-book is finally released, it will, of course, be immediately distributed to all who have placed pre-publication orders. My apologies for the delays in releasing this mini e-book!

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