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This page offers a brief orientation for representatives of newspapers, magazines, radio shows, Internet radio shows, podcast shows, cable TV shows and related media outlets and venues. It may be of some assistance to you because it offers an orientation to my basic philosophy in this realm. A word to the wise is often sufficient, and I feel that it is only fair and civil to offer you the forewarning expressed in the paragraphs below.

I am approached on a fairly regular basis by representatives of talk radio shows, topically-related radio shows, Internet radio shows, topically-related cable TV shows and podcast "broadcasting" organizations, offering to arrange for me to be interviewed on their shows, particularly in the realms of certain topics ranging from the use of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) in agriculture and waste management to more exotic topics on the outer fringes of science where I happen to also have some expertise. These offers are almost always coupled with the promise that such exposure via their media outlet will yield a form of "advertising" and "promotion" for me, with the argument that such exposure will be beneficial for me.

Please be advised that -- as a quick review of my free informational websites will tell you as well -- I am simply not a self-promoter, and I have little interest in self-promotion. You see, while I do have extensive training and experience in the fields of science and engineering, I am also a mystic, and I have long ago surrendered my life to what I will call Divine guidance, aka Holy Spirit, and I have no personal ambition or goals, and thus, I have zero interest in most of the above-listed activities if the primary goal is self-promotion or self-advertising. Rather, my life is about service to Holy Spirit, serving in whatever way I am asked on an inner level. In fact, I only agree to appear in/on media outlet venues such as those listed above on a very rare basis, and only in those cases where I have been guided to do so by my inner guidance.

Thus, if you approach me in an attempt to solicit my participation in one of the above-mentioned media outlet venues or in similar engagements, please be advised that I very rarely agree to such offerings.

Thank you!

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