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Some Odd Web Myths About Me Debunked

The Internet is a very useful place at times, but it is also a strange place, for it offers a readily-available publishing platform for many voices, including many psychotic and deranged voices, and some of the webpages containing the rants and claims of authors falling in the latter categories of authorship contain some amazingly funny, strange and bizarre statements, almost all of them entirely untrue. This page will discuss a few of those claims.

Here is a debunking of some web-proliferated myths (if you ever really believed them in the first place!):

The web is a strange place, and if you browse it even casually, you can find websites claiming all kinds of things which are simply not true, at least not in my world!  For better or worse, I am fairly well-known on the web, largely via my websites, list groups, lectures, books and related activities, and a quick search at Google search engine using my name yields hundreds of websites mentioning my name.  However, since late 2003, I have been noticing some really odd and ridiculous mythology and distortion creeping in, along with the more realistic citations. Listed below are some just some examples of some of the more bizarre and untrue assertions that I have discovered online about myself, along with my own version of events/facts/issues. When I learn of the existence of webpages making such spurious claims, I contact the operators (to the best of my ability) and ask them to cease and desist. Here, then, is a brief list of some of the more common myths and misstatements I have seen:
"Vinny Pinto is a medical doctor and famous scientist and he recommends our product..." I have been advised by Australian Consumer Affairs and Consumer Fraud authorities that two vendor websites (I have only been able to locate one of the sites; they were asked to cease and desist) in Australia which sell various types of home water ionizers have not only cited my website which discusses the benefits of drinking ionized water (so far, this is harmless....!), but they have gone a "bit" farther and claimed that I am a medical doctor and/ or a famous scientist, and that I recommend or endorse their particular product. None of these things are true: I am not a medical doctor. I am not a famous scientist; I simply have a Master's degree in a broad scientific field embracing health, wellness, and longevity, and am a researcher. I am famous only in the eyes of my chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys when I walk into their pen each morning to feed them.  I have not endorsed any water ionizer products, particularly not for any vendor websites in Australia!

"Dr. Vinny Pinto is a scientist with his PhD in health..."  I have several times found websites -- all of them sites which were quoting my words and which were trying very hard to sell products of some sort -- which have claimed, when quoting from one of my articles, books or websites, that I have a doctoral degree (i.e., a PhD) in my field, and these sites have sometimes placed the title "Doctor" or "Dr." prefix in front of my name. This is not true. I do not have a doctoral degree in any field, and rather, I have a deep and broad Master's degree in health-related sciences and research methods thereof, awarded in 1992 by Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Western Pennsylvania, USA. I have also done additional graduate studies in the fields of clinical psychology, exercise and aging, and I also have one year-plus of graduate-level training in acupuncture. However, I possess no doctoral degrees in any fields from any accredited institutions of higher learning.

"Vinny Pinto is a member of our distinguished research and teaching faculty..." Currently, two websites operated by "health clinics" in the realms of chronic disease and longevity, both of which are run by medical doctors, have taken it upon themselves to create a "Faculty" page, and better yet, to list my name and some of my credentials or experience (often hopelessly inaccurate) on their Faculty pages. In reality, although I have had brief telephone conversations (they contacted me, not vice versa) and brief (very brief) e-mail correspondence with one or two of these medical doctors/researchers, I have never been officially asked to be on the "faculty" of their institutions or medical clinics, nor have I ever agreed to such a "posting". Period!  Further, I receive no income nor remuneration from these folks and organizations, nor have I ever received such from them. I have never taught any courses nor designed any curricula for these organizations. Period! When I can, I ask the operators of sites making such claims to cease and desist from their activities, but I do not have the time or energy to constantly track the latest permutations of these claims and similar claims.

"Vinny Pinto is a mystic and has lived for over seven years on sunlight alone, never eating food or drinking water".  Well, all I can say to this one is: BIZARRE!  No truth at all to this one!  I love food!  I do try to eat a largely-raw and largely-Paleolithic diet, but this has nothing to do with not eating food!  In this case, I do believe that the author of the website in question has mistakenly attributed to me some of the feats/achievements of Hira Ratan Manak, a retired engineer from India turned sungazer and sungazing advocate, who has indeed claimed (largely falsely) to have eaten almost no solid food for over seven years, and it is also true that at one time Hira Manek was intensively studied and closely-monitored for 411 days by medical professionals, and their study apparently verified that he did not eat any solid food during that 411 day period.  However, he has since returned to eating food at times, despite his claims to the contrary. It is true that I have met Hira, and that I run an e-mail list group on the topic sungazing, but that is as far as it goes. When I can, I ask the operators of sites making such claims to cease and desist from their activities, but I do not have the time or energy to constantly track the latest permutations of these claims and similar claims.

"If you purchase one of our water ionizers or subscribe to our newsletter, we will send you a free article by scientist Vinny Pinto on raw juicing."  It is true that several websites marketing juicers (for fruits and vegetables) and water ionizers were claiming this and/or do claim this. Each of the websites and vendors involved were distributing a copyrighted article -- written by me and lifted from one of my free informational websites -- without my permission and thus were stealing intellectual property without paying me royalties for my work.

"Our product/service has been endorsed by Vinny Pinto, a well-known researcher and scientist in this field..." With only very few exceptions, I do not endorse products or services offered by vendors. I will only endorse products or services in those cases where I have researched the product or service carefully and feel that it is useful and helpful and offered by sincere persons of high integrity, and such a product or service must really impress me as well. On the other hand, a lack of my endorsement does not imply that a product or service being offered is lacking any of the above-listed qualities, and rather, may simply mean that I have not examined or reviewed the product or service in question or do not have strong feelings about it.

"Vinny Pinto is an eccentric and a lunatic, and he is silly-looking!"  Aha!  Finally!  The truth!  This is totally true!  I do not deny it! (smile!)


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