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Seminars and Public Appearances by Vinny

As noted on the R&D and consulting page, I was available until circa 2009 to offer seminars or lectures on many of the topics and realms listed on that page. Due to the demands of my nondenominational spiritual work since early 2009, I am rarely, if ever, available for such engagements nowadays.

Conferences, Lectures, Seminars and Classes

(listed with newest/latest appearing at top and oldest at bottom)

Past events and appearances, until c. 2009, are listed below:

Malaysia, July 15 - August 2, 2008 -- private consulting visit. 

April 24 - May 3, 2008

Southwest USA (Arizona and New Mexico) -- research field trip

Chantilly, VA, November 11, 2007
Lecture on Beneficial Microbes in Farming and Gardening
I was invited by Sally Fallon to present a lecture on applications and benefits of using beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM), particularly what I reference as SAM Type 4 microbes (which includes EM and related microbial consortia) in farming and gardening at the Weston A. Price Foundation's (WAPF) Eighth Annual Wise Traditions Conference, which ran November 9-11, 2007; the conference was held in Chantilly, VA.  The website for the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) may be found at www.westonaprice.org.
Weston A. Price Foundation is selling an audio recording of my presentation, available on CD and MP3 download, numbered as audio recording #6223 - WISE 07. Click here to go to Weston A. Price Foundation's offsite ordering page at fleetwoodonsite.com.

Utah and Colorado, November 1 - 8, 2007 - private consulting visit.

Arizona and New Mexico -- private consulting visit to several large cities. AZ & NM June 12 - 20, 2007

June 2, 2007 - Live Teleconference
I was invited by the Live Alchemy University to present a lecture on syntropic antioxidative microbes (and particularly what I reference as SAM Type 4 microbial consortia, which includes EM and related consortia) and ormus/subtle energies, magnetite effect ormus (MEOW) technologies and related ormus/subtle energy topics, particularly as related to human health and human nutrition. My presentation, which lasted approximately 2.5 hours, may be found in a private online repository of past seminars given on the Live Alchemy University, the once-monthly international conference call lecture series which features speakers from the ormus world. This audio file library contains numerous presentations on the topic of ormus as presented on the Live Alchemy lecture/discussion series. There is a donation involved to gain access to the library; to learn more about how to access these files, or to be able to hear upcoming lectures in this Live Alchemy series, please contact Denis in Australia, aka Denis of Oz, who is the organizer of the Alchemy Live University calls, at expand@ozemail.com.au  or Barry Carter at bcarter@igc.org

Los Angeles, CA -- private consulting visit.
Los Angeles, CA, February 28 through March 5, 2007

Kalamazoo, Michigan -- private consulting visit.
Kalamazoo, MI, October 25 through November 3, 2006

Houston, Texas -- private consulting visit.
SW area of Houston, Texas, February 24 through February 27, 2006

Two Efficient Microbes (EM)TM Workshops in Wisconsin:
Workshop I  - SAM/EM  Production, Application And Usage On The Farm
Workshop II  - SAM/EM  Production, Application And Usage for Home and Shop
Seymour, Wisconsin, February 11, 2006

Sponsored by Kevin Keune, who operates GrowGreens, a premium wheatgrass and sprouts grower in Wisconsin.  www.growgreens.com

Seminar outline may be found at http://www.scdprobiotics.com/Events_s/278.htm

2005 Acres U.S.A. Annual Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana, December 2005 (dates appear below)

Conference center, Adams Mark Airport Hotel, Indianapolis.
December 5-7, 2005  •  "Eco-Farming University" Pre-Conference Study
December 8-10, 2005  •  Main Conference

Further information about this conference may be found at http://www.acresusa.com/events/events.htm 

Acres USA are selling an audio recording of one of my presentations, available on CD or cassette tape.

Consulting Tour in Western Nicaragua
Central America,
November 19 through November 27, 2005
Primary focus: bioremediation of wastewater.

5th Annual Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair
Fort Collins, CO on September 17 and 18, 2005

This two day festival focused on ways and means of sustainable living and agriculture. I provided two lectures and on-site consulting.

Consulting Tour in Chennai, India

Chennai, India region, August 3 through August 20, 2005
Primary focus: bioremediation of wastewater.

Microbes for Management – Balancing Natural Ecologies with Efficient Microbes

Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, July 30, 2005

Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (including EM type microbial consortia) in Organic Farming Seminar
Lancaster, PA area on Thursday, June 23, 2005; four hours.

SAM (including EM type microbial consortia) in Agriculture (and Health) Seminar
Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, WV on Saturday, April 2, 2005

Seminar offerings and registration information may be found at www.gardeningforthefuture.com/

Seminar was sponsored by Allan Balliett, a well-known Biodynamic organic farmer who also operates the BDNow email list group.

Post-event note:  Yes, a DVD of this event, containing the presentations by Steve Diver and Matthew Wood, and also containing 3+ hours of my presentation, is now available. Please see the Media Products page on this site for availability.

Efficient Microbes in Our Community Celebration
Kansas City, MO, on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004

Hotel Phillips
Kansas City, MO

I presented several lectures at this venue.

Efficient Microbes Business Partner/Healthcare Practitioner Conference
Kansas City, MO, on Friday, Nov. 5, 2004
by invitation only

I presented several lectures at this venue and also provided consultation on various related topics to attendees.

Media Appearances

Eat The Sun Sungazing Documentary Film
Peter Sorcher, a filmmaker from San Francisco, California, started producing a feature-length documentary film in late 2003 on sungazing and sungazers, titled Eat The Sun.  In January 2004, Peter and his crew spent 10 hours at my home in the mountains filming me as I performed my daily chores, sungazed, and also conducted an interview with me on film.  The film is now (2010) showing in film festivals and is due to be released on DVD in November 2010. See Peter's website for more details and the trailer: http://www.eatthesunmovie.com

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