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A Directory of Informational Websites on Esoteric Topics in the Sciences Which I Offer

Please note: the majority of these websites are informational and educational in nature, and many of those are supported largely by donations. 

Esoteric Topics in the Sciences
  • Consulting, R&D and Prototype Development in Subtle Energy or Quantum Effects Realm -- The Coherent Space Quantum Coherence Website, at http://www.coherentspace.info -- I have for many years performed research and development (R&D) work in several realms often subsumed unter the term "subtle energies" or "subtle quantum effects", and particularly in the realm of technologies which appear to protect people and animals (and sensitive electronic equipment) against some of the harmful effects of EMF radiation produced by the modern power grid and also emitted by manmade electrical and electronic devices. 

  • Elixir Vitae website at http://elixirvitae.vpinf.com -- Elixir Vitae is a Latin term meaning "Elixir of Life", and the elixir of life has often also been called by names such as Elixir of Immortality, Philosopher's Stone of Immortality and the Universal Medicine.

  • Ormus-Like site at http://ormuslike.vpinf.com -- A guide to some ormus-like technologies.

  • Ormus-Water site at http://ormuswater.vpinf.com/ -- Experimental ormus effect technology employing magnetite sand and exotic mineral compounds for transforming water and other liquids. This site is intended to provide information on Magnetite Effect Ormus Water (aka MEOW) kettles, sceptres, eggs and laminar sceptres.

  • Exotic Energies at http://exoticenergies.vpinf.com/ -- intended to provide information in the realms of technologies which generate, transduce or focus exotic energies. With due consideration for issues of confidentiality regarding proprietary information owned by colleagues or by myself, this website offers information about such exotic energy technologies and their effects upon water, other liquids and upon humans and animals.

  • Etheric Energy at http://etheric.vpinf.com/ -- intended to provide information on subquantum aetheric energy (SQAE) flux receivers and chargers, particularly technologies which are powerful enough to exert beneficial effects upon living space, work spaces, people or various types of petroleum-fueled engines. A particular focus of this website is the use of shape power and/or various ores and clays with exotic properties (aka ormus properties) for receiving or generating etheric energy, aka aetheric energy, aka subquantum aetheric energy, aka SQAE.

    For an example of a set of exotic energy technologies which I have developed which employ shape technology along with exotic ores and which act as a generator and accumulator of aetheric energy, please see the Jenny Cell SubQuantum Aetheric Energy Receiver pages on this website. 

  • Radiation Hormesis and Radiation Nutrition at http://radiationhormesis.vpinf.com/ -- I have long been interested in radiation hormesis, the beneficial effects of ionizing radiation and the ormus-like effects of ionizing radiation upon water and foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables, and also the uses of radioactive ore in aetheric energy chargers and other exotic energy devices.  

  • H-Minus Ion (aka Hydride Ion) site, at http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.com -- Information on a class of very simple primitive, primeval hydrogen based antioxidants which existed on earth well before the appearance of any life forms. 

  • An Examination of the Relative Hydrogen Score (aka RH score or RH2 score) -- An informational webpage on RH score, ORP and related measures, including a brief look at the utility of RH score as an indicator of the presence of very low molecular weight hydrogen-based antioxidants.

  • Time Space Doorways at http://timespacedoorway.vpinf.com/ -- an at-times slightly humorous website devoted to real investigations as well as fun stories in the realms of time-space doorways (aka time-space portals) and their design, construction and maintence.

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