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Some Typical Services Rendered to Clients: Esoteric Topics in the Sciences

On this page, I offer an overview and brief summary of some services in the esoteric topics in the sciences category which I have rendered to consulting and contractual clients since 1998. In all cases, any significant details which might allow an observer to identify a client or technology or technology details to an inappropriate extent have been obscured to maintain complete client confidentiality.

A note about client privacy and confidentiality: Identity of my clients and details of work rendered for my clients, unless explicit arrangements have been made otherwise, remains entirely confidential and private. This is of utmost importance in this field, as many of my clients have a number of proprietary and trade secrets for technologies and processes which they wish to keep confidential.

  • For a venture capitalist firm: investigate and report on three "free energy" devices/technologies which an entrepreneurial company claimed to possess and for which it had requested development funding, making some very amazing claims for their putative technology along the way.

  • For a private investor: investigate and report upon a "free energy" technology start-up venture in which the client had been invited to invest.

  • For an established producer/marketer of a line of electropollution-amelioration area treatment devices: was asked by this producer of a line of area treatment devices intended to reduce the harmful effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic (aka EMF) fields produced by modern appliances and systems such as AC power wiring and wireless signals to take their products to a higher level of effectiveness using more powerful and effective antennas and other refinements in technologies, including use proprietary ceramics containing biogenic compounds.
  • For a maverick inventor/researcher: was asked by this inventor to investigate widespread claims from across multiple researchers that a particular "10th generation" cold fusion electrochemical cell device design employing tungsten and titanium electrodes, with K and Li salts among the electrolytes employed, would repeatedly and reliably create anomalously high levels of neutron radiation and that the cells would emit small "bundles" of ball lightning. My work included construction of five such electrochemical cells (and I built along the way an adjustable 0-220 volt DC power supply capable of sourcing up to 5 amperes), modifying the Geiger-Muller probes on my existing radiation detectors to detect neutron radiation, and employing a subcontracted machine shop to fabricate the electrodes out of specialty metals.
  • For a maverick inventor/researcher: was asked by this colleague inventor to investigate widespread claims from across multiple sources that certain latter-generation cold fusion electrochemical cells employing specific design characteristics could exhibit properties of low-energy nuclear transmutation, either yielding production of elements which had been previously largely absent, or in modulating (either increasing or decreasing) observed radioactivity and radionuclide concentrations in various naturally-occurring samples of radioactive minerals and ores. Work included construction of electrochemical cells and praliminary assays using selected radioactive minerals and ores.
  • For an agricultural researcher/entrepreneur: was asked to evaluate claims that some naturally-occurring (non-GM) microbes could exhibit significant levels of biological transmutation, particularly in the realms of reducing levels of observed radioactivity and radionulcide concentration in naturally-occurring minerals and ores. 
  • For an inventor/entrepreneur: was asked to evaluate Farnsworth device electrostatic containment cold fusion technologies, and also to provide reliable guidelines for design and construction of several such devices by the client, including recommendations for components, vendors and fabrication subcontractors.
  • For a physicist/entrepreneur: this researcher needed to gain expertise (i.e., get up to speed) quickly in generating plasma via electric field or electromagnetic field excitation in low-pressure gases such as H, He, Ne and Ar in partially-evacuated glass tubes for his research work, and also for generating corona discharges in low-pressure H and He for a device which he was attempting to develop. I was able to help with all aspects, including design of glass tubes, recommendations for vendors and glass-forming shops, recommendations for gases and gas mixtures, sources of equipment for modulated RF excitation of the plasma, and also provided project management in development of the first three "real world" instantiations of the experimental devices.
  • For a medical doctor who owns and operates a clinical testing laboratory: provided guidance and project steering, including recommendations for appropriate ground-based and airborne testing equipment and remote monitoring/telemetry technology (aka remote sensing), to assist him in his quest to prove his belief that unmarked military jets in the US and Canada were spreading toxic metals in the atmosphere over much of the USA via injection of metal particles into the fuel lines of the turbojet engines aboard the aircraft, thus creating what he and others called "toxic chemtrails".

  • For a non-profit spiritual/charitable humanitarian organization with goals of fostering world peace: I was asked to evaluate claims of two India-born self-styled sungazing gurus who had made repeated public claims that they were "living entirely on sunlight" and that they had not consumed any food for periods ranging from 2 years or longer (one of the self-styled gurus claimed not to have eaten food in over 12 years). 

  • For a distributor of nutritional, health-related and environmental products headed by a retired physicist: was asked to evaluate the rather astounding and unbelievable claims made for a novel new liquid product which the distributor had been asked to carry. The product had a name something like "Turkish Holy Water" and the promoters had been claiming on their websites and in a series of lectures across the USA that the high-priced liquid product had been developed by three Turkish scientists-turned-holy men, and further claiming, among other things, that a few ounces of the liquid, when applied to a polluted stream, lake, or bay, would rapidly clear up all pollution and restore the waters to a pristine state. Evaluation included purchasing samples of the product from an existing vendor and performing studies in my in-house laboratory and also coordinating studies by an external independent laboratory as well. Interestingly, apparently the Attorneys General offices and their in-house experts in at least three states came to the same conclusions which I did, and product marketing efforts were eventually banned in several states.

  • For a distributor of environmentally-safe and "green" household products: I was asked to evaluate three brands of "laundry balls" or "ceramic laundry balls" which they had been asked to offer in their product line. In each case, the vendors of the balls claimed in their marketing literature (and on their websites) and in statements made to the distributor, that the balls contained "special Asian ceramics" which emitted "far infrared rays" and "special ions" and that use of the balls in a washing machine allowed one to either eliminate use of detergents and other cleansing agents or to drastically reduce the quantity of detergent needed for normal laundry-washing activities. Evaluation included testing product samples of the product which were provided to me and performing studies in my in-house laboratory and also coordinating studies an external independent laboratory as well, and also included a brief liaison with interested regulatory agencies. Interestingly, and much as noted above for the Turkish Holy Water "anti-pollution" product, the Attorneys General offices and their in-house experts in at least two states came to the same conclusions which I did, and they obtained injunctions prohibiting marketing efforts for these devices by several companies.
  • For a researcher/inventor who headed a small entrepreneurial R&D company: consulting, including troubleshooting, of an in-house proprietary time-space portal (aka time-space doorway) technology; services included suggestions for refining and improving the technology, procurement of some hard-to-locate exotic components, and locating vendors for some hard-to-source components.
  • For a scientist/inventor/entrepreneur who headed a small R&D company: consulting, including troubleshooting, regarding an in-house proprietary time-space portal (aka time-space doorway) technology which had already been largely developed but which was exhibiting bizarre problems in the realms of stability, focus and coherence, resulting in occasional unintentional entry into our time-space "dimension" of beings and "entities" from other time-space "dimensions". 

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