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A Directory of My Greater Vitality, Health, Well-Being and Spiritual Informational Websites

Please note: the majority of these websites are informational and educational in nature, and many of those are supported largely by donations. 

Greater Vitality, Health and Well-Being, including Spiritual
  • Divine Heart site, at http://www.divine-heart.org -- Non-denominational spiritual healing. Simply heart-centered remote spiritual healing.

  • Raw Paleolithic Diet site, at http://rawpaleodiet.vpinf.com -- Raw and partly-raw Paleolithic and near-Paleolithic diets.  These are raw or partly raw diets which consist largely only of foods which our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten, and hence are diets largely free of processed and refined foods or nutrient-empty foods.  This is an informational site only -- this is NOT a preachy or fanatical raw foods missionary site advocating an all-raw diet for most folks, nor does it advocate any fundamentalist or rigid diets. 

  • Heart Release site, at http://www.heartrelease.com -- Information and hints on tools and methods for achieving greater levels of vitality, love and grace in life.

  • Coherence and Heart Coherence site -- Information on coherence and heart coherence and their effects in real life.

  • Sungazing -- Although sungazing is slightly controversial (less so every day, it seems...), this is one of my more popular websites, largely due to the fact that sungazing, which was an extremely obscure practice in the Western world until early 2003, has suddenly become very popular among many spiritual seekers, health seekers and New Agers.

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