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A Directory of Consulting and R&D Services Which Are Available

Note: I am available to offer lectures, seminars or training in many of the areas listed below; please see the Seminars page on this website for more details.

Please click on each bulleted item below for a more detailed list of services in that category.

The above photo, shot during my June 2007 research field trip to Arizona, shows me sitting with Dr. John Milewski, an accomplished chemist and inventor, and also a researcher in the realms of exotic energies, in a pub in Tempe during a dinnertime meeting.

Malaysia view from hotel
This photo, shot from my hotel room during a consulting visit to one of the newer cities in Malaysia in July 2008, shows a view of the city street outside my hotel. Due to total lack of development planning, parking is extremely scarce in most cities in Malaysia, and drivers routinely double-park and triple-park and also park in amazing places where parking was never intended (and is not allowed!)

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