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This site has been created by Vinny Pinto, a mystic, spiritual teacher, spiritual healer and multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer. If you should wish, you may subscribe, as a public subscriber, to Vinny's public Facebook page or visit Vinny's Threads social media page or Bluesky Social page by using the buttons below:

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Notice: Please be advised that, effective July 10, 2013, Vinny has almost entirely ceased accepting new clients for his consulting and contractual R&D services in the realms of mainstream science and engineering, alternative health, nutrition and also in the realms of strange science/fringe science and alchemy/ormus nutritionals, in order to devote more of his time to his spiritual work. While Vinny will continue to provide consulting and contractual R&D services to certain existing (and past) clients as deemed mutually appropriate, he will be accepting few, if any, new clients for his consulting and contractual R&D services from this point going forward. Vinny has shifted his priorities, as described above, in order to devote more of his time to his spiritual work. This website will remain "on the air" (i.e., on the Internet) for ongoing reference purposes and as a service to current and past clients.

My name is Vinny Pinto. I wear several hats in life, and among others, I offer services as a multi-disciplinary research and consulting scientist-engineer. I have rendered services as an independent consulting R&D and applications scientist-engineer for clients across the world, and I have had consulting clients on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. I have a Master's degree in the health sciences, have university graduate-level training in several other fields in the sciences, and university-level training in a number of fields in the scientific and engineering fields. Interestingly, I am one of those rare persons in the sciences who has a lengthy and broad history of involvement in spiritual realm as well, for I am a mystic and have been a meditator and metaphysical explorer since a very early age. My scientific consulting work spans several fields within the fields of science and applied science, including the following:
  • bioremediation of waste and toxic waste, including treatment of liquid and solid waste streams, including municipal wastewater, largely using customized consortia of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (aka SAM), along with customized microbial nutrients commonly called microbial accelerators (aka microbe accelerators) or microbial boosters (aka microbe boosters), sometimes referenced by more vague terms such as biocatalysts or biostimulators.
  • applications of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) in sustainable agriculture, including organic or biologic alternatives in sustainable agriculture.
  • applications of beneficial antioxidative syntropic (aka negentropic) microbes (SAM) in agriculture, waste remediation, odor control, human and animal nutrition, nutritional supplementation and in several novel realms.
  • antioxidant nutrition in human and animal health, including in particular extremely-low molecular weight (ELMW) hydrogen-based antioxidants.
  • formulation of nutritional supplement products for humans and animals, including cutting-edge antioxidant supplements and cutting-edge probiotic supplements incorporating syntropic antioxidative microbes (aka SAM)
  • applications and uses of a class of substances sometimes referenced as antioxidant helpers or antioxidant assistants (or antioxidant boosters), and more formally referenced as electron transfer agents (aka electron mediators or electron shuttles) along with selected antioxidants, in human and animal nutrition.
  • applications and uses of electron transfer agents (aka electron mediators or aka electron shuttles), along with selected beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes (aka SAM) in bioremediation.
  • unconventional and alternative approaches to improving human and animal nutrition, health, and levels of vitality and well-being.
  • interactions and effects of various types of electrical fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields (EMF) upon living systems and upon water and aqueous liquids.
  • heart rate variability (HRV) indices as a powerful non-invasive measure of health and vitality and as a powerful predictor of morbidity and mortality.
  • states of psychophysiological coherence, sometimes called heart coherence or psychophysiological heart coherence, a state of inner coherence exemplified by any of several signatures in HRV, and the relationship of these states to healing, health, vitality and to various near-mystical inner states such as those of compassion and grace
  • psychophysiological measures which appear to be correlates of mystical inner states, altered states of consciousness and healing states
  • alternative health, including acupuncture, electroacupuncture, electro-acupuncture-by-Voll (EAV) technologies, biological terrain (aka BT, BTI, BTA) systems and technologies and raw food diets and Paleolithic diets for humans and animals.
  • water electrolyzers, including both electrolyzed reduced water (aka ERW and RW) and electrolyzed acidic oxidized water (aka EAW, EOW, OW) and including electrolyzer design and system troubleshooting and optimization.
  • trace element nutrition for humans and animals
  • radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition, sometimes called radiogenic nutrition
  • the rather wild and wooly realm of so-called ormus (aka monatomic, m-state or ormes) and ormus-like nutritional supplements and the related realm of alchemically-prepared nutritional supplements
  • the wild and wooly realm within the field of esoteric alchemy focused upon so-called Elixir of Life (aka Elixir Vitae, Elixir of Immortality, the Universal Medicine and the Philosopher's Stone of Immortality), and the related field of esoteric alchemical nutritionals.
  • somewhat related to the above four bulleted items (namely trace element nutrition, radiation hormesis, ormus nutritionals and the Elixir of Life), the exotic energy properties of some exotic mineral ores, sands and semi-precious gemstones
  • incoherent subtle energy noise produced by man-made devices and systems and by so-called geopathic (aka geostress) zones and technologies and devices for the amelioration or neutralization of these incoherent fields.
  • microbes, organic systems and technologies which appear to produce or create negentropic (aka syntropic or anti-entropic) effects.
  • several near-fringe and fringe realms of physics which strongly intersect with the worlds of mysticism and metaphysics, including:
    • quantum physics and subquantum physics technologies and devices
    • many-worlds, alternate-worlds, parallel worlds and braneworlds realms (aka alternate time-space dimensional worlds), including so-called time-space portal technologies and devices
    • zero-point and time-space continua, including so-called stargate or time-space portal technologies. 
    • so-called exotic energies or subtle energies and their interactions with living systems
  • in support of my research and services in all of the above-listed fields and realms, I have a very strong educational and experiential background in the sciences, including the health sciences and astrophysics and in the realms of electronics, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, electromechanical systems, mechanical engineering and computer hardware and software.


For further details on my experience, training, and educational background, please click here to read my biography.

Some Notes About the Origins of This Website

For several years, through early 2004, I was asked repeatedly -- particularly by consulting clients and colleagues who already knew me and knew of my research and consulting work in some fields in the realms of the sciences and alternative health -- if there were some kind of central directory or "home base" website which listed all of my various informational websites and the consulting and R&D services that I offer. My answer each time was "no"! When the volume of requests -- from clients, colleagues and visitors to my websites -- for such a central directory website continued to increase, I decided in early 2004 to create this website to serve as directory for my informational websites, books, articles and DVDs, consulting and other services such as scientific research and development (R&D).

A Brief Directory to Pages on this Website

Volcano, western Nicaragua

The photo above was shot in late 2005, and shows a slightly-active volcano located a few miles from the industrial plant of a consulting client in western Nicaragua; the photo was shot from the grounds of the plant, from atop a large storage tank. I spent a week at this site providing consulting on waste bioremediation in November 2005.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope that you have found or will find something which will assist you and/or which you will enjoy! 

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